Our Story


Introducing Janna and Ryan Greir, the driving force behind Whispering Cedars Ranch in scenic Alberta, Canada. Our journey, ignited in 2012, has blossomed into a thriving haven for over 600 ewes, a testament to our unwavering passion for shepherding and sustainable practices.

Central to our venture is the groundbreaking concept of "Sheep as a Service," harmoniously aligning sheep with solar energy. We've guided Producers and Energy Companies, illuminating the potential of this symbiotic relationship. From meticulously crafted electric fences to a wealth of insights, our fusion of tradition and modernity forms the tapestry of our journey.

Beyond shepherding, our offerings encompass expert consultations and a thoughtfully curated range of products, representing our devotion. These aren't just products; they're the essence of our commitment. We empower fellow producers to make informed choices, driving toward a future where sustainability thrives. Solar Sheep isn't merely a website; it's a legacy of inspiration and progress, inviting you to join our shared narrative. Experience the synergy firsthand, as nature and innovation unite.

Our Team: 

Janna Greir

Janna Greir, Co-founder

Janna, a dedicated Registered Nurse, deeply understands sheep nutrition and health. She embraced the significance of home-grown sustenance. With a fervent commitment to animal welfare, she extensively researches flock health management. As a pivotal partner in Whispering Cedars Ranch, she spearheads the development and execution of comprehensive health plans, contributing indispensably to our flock's well-being and diverse ventures, including the creation and growth of Solar Sheep Inc.


Ryan Greir

Ryan Greir, Co-founder

Ryan Greir is a trailblazing first-generation rancher partnered with his wife and two sons at Whispering Cedars Ranch near Strathmore, Alberta. His leadership is exemplified by chairing Alberta Lamb Producers and the National Sheep Network and volunteering for Avatar Innovations, The Campaign for Wool, and others. He brings over 15 years of utility and energy expertise, is a Red Sealed Powerline Technician, and holds a Certificate in Rural Finance and Entrepreneurship from Olds College. Ryan blends tradition with innovation to drive Whispering Cedars Ranch forward.


Jesse Greir

Jesse Greir, Online Sales and Marketing

Jesse joins the team with a strong entrepreneurial background. Jesse has started and operated multiple service businesses and online stores. 


Hay Producer/ Marketer
Strathmore, Alberta | 403-934-3012

John Bland, Advisor